Lick Ninette's spit from her boots
Ninette wears a pair of black pointy boots with a thin heel and spits on the floor of the shower room. She next rubs her boots in her own spits and intructs YOU to lick it right from the sole of her boot and from the floor - what are you waiting for? Start licking!
Slave cleans Mistress Katja's boots
Mistress Katja is sitting on a couch with her slave lying in front of it. She orders him to lick the dirt from her knee-high boots, to suck the dirt off her high heel and clean the boot shaft with his tongue! He better does it right if he doesn't want to get punished!
Slave is trampled under four boots
Jenny and Celine both wear hot boots for this trampling session. Celine's wearing a pair of cowboy boots and Jenny wearing a pair of boxing boots. They trample the slaves body and face with no mercy under their boots. He has no chance but to endure this pain!
BBW stomps you into the ground
BBW Lady Cathy sits on a couch and instructs you to lick her dirty boots clean. But after you cleaned them she isn't satisfied with the result, pushes you on the ground and stomps you using her hot boots and her massive weight! No mercy for bad slaves!
Dirty riding boots wait to be cleaned
Cheeky Brat girl Anna worked at the riding stables the whole day and her riding boots are dirty afterwards - but no problem for her. She sits down on a tractor standing near the stables and instructs YOU to clean her dirty riding boots with your tongue.
Sophia Smith sexy black boots
These black leather over the knee boots are Sophia Smith favorite boots. She just had to feature them with some sexy high rise denim hot pants!
Slave licks four high heel boots
Mistress Lydie and Mistress Alyzee force a slave to clean their dirty high heel boots. They force him to lick all the dirt from the soles and heels of these sexy black boots and they do it in public - everyone can see this loser cleaning the boots!
Cleaning extremely muddy boots
Mistress Lea walked trough the park on a rainy day and her brown high heel boots are really muddy now - but luckily her slave accompanied her on her walk and he now licks all the disgusting mud from his mistresses boots while she rests!
Private boot fetish session
To punish this loser slave Mistress Channell forced him to lick her black boots!
Slave must lick dirty boots
Two young girls - Ariel and Linda - came back from a rock concert. Their boots are very dirty. The soles are totally covered in wet and nasty mud. The girls ordering the slave to lick up all the dirt from the soles of their boots. Ariel wears black leather high heel boots with chain. Linda wears well worn brown boots in military style. The 2 dominant girls are constantly humiliating the slave and laughing about him.